Marta's Pet Shop – Aquarium plants: Live or Plastic?
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Aquarium plants: Live or Plastic?

Marta's Pet Shop – Aquarium – Plants

One of the questions we’re asked a lot is whether or not live plants should be considered for aquariums. Well, I always answer them this way: Would you consider putting plastic fish in your aquarium? Hmmm….

A planted aquarium with live plants is always a more natural and ecologically balanced environment. Live plants give off oxygen which the fish and other animals in the aquarium need. In turn, fish and other animals give off carbon dioxide which the plants utilize to manufacture food. Most fish eat some plants as part of their diet.

Many aquarium hobbyists buys plants for their aquarium in order to give the fish the benefit of natural food. Some species are better than others as food. We can help guide you in that decision.

Some aquariums may not be suited for live plants if lighting is not sufficient or appropriate. Other tanks may be inhabited by large powerful or nervous fish, which may disturb the plants and not allow them to thrive. Finally, some hobbyists may opt to have a variety of live and plastic plants.

We have a number of plant tanks and other tanks with live plants and varieties of fish. Most plants are in the two to six dollar range, though a few varieties can cost up to fifteen. Come, look and choose! For a tank of about ten gallons three live plants will add tremendous appeal and create a more ecological environment.