Marta's Pet Shop – David vs. Goliath
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David vs. Goliath

Marta's Pet Shop – Toronto Pet Products and Services

You have probably heard of the story of David & Goliath. If not, here’s the jist: The little guy, David has to face the giant, Goliath in a fight. Although Goliath is obviously tougher, bigger and better prepared for battle the little guy David comes out on top…

Well, sometimes running a small business is like being the David against the big-box Goliath (Take your pick of the Big Pet Brands and all the Big Box Stores we have to compete with each and every day).

So we ask ourselves – why fight the big guys? Well, here’s why. YOU.

You are the most important element in our day. Not the tally at the end of the day. Not any corporate headquarters banging down our door for profits. And certainly not any people who make the decisions in the boardroom for the big box guys. We aren’t run by anyone but our family. And that matters.

It matters because our promise to you is one of service. Good prices. Value. All that too..But our brand promise is this:

We take the time to answer your questions.

We create value & breed loyalty. We’ve been around so long that customers’ grandkids come in to shop recounting how their mom’s first pet was bought at Marta’s Pet Shop.

So when you wonder to yourself if your voice and dollars count, they do at Marta’s. We are the little guy who stands up for you.

Thanks for standing up for us too!