Marta's Pet Shop – New Pets To Discover & Holiday Specials!
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New Pets To Discover & Holiday Specials!

New Pets To Discover & Holiday Specials!

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Gift Baskets:

Order Your Holiday Gift Baskets which can be customized for your pet! We have it all for your pet or your loved ones pet!

Pre-Order for next day delivery – $80 / $100 / $200

Holiday Specials:

Baby Dwarf Bunnies from $79 – $89 each. With Purchase of Cage, FREE CHEW TOY

Hedgehogs $239.99 with purchase of cage, receive FREE Live Feeder Worms

Hand Fed Baby Budgies. Call to enquire

Baby Ball Python, $139.99

Baby Red Tail Boa, $159

Baby Hand-fed Alexandrine Parakeet. So Friendly and Personable! $1199.99

Baby Crested Geckos, $49.99 ea

Baby Leopard Gecko, $79.99

Guinea Pigs, $54.99 ea

Baby Hamsters from $15.99 – $19.99. With Purchase of cage receive FREE treat.

Pets & Accessories can be picked up Christmas Eve day by 4 pm!

Exciting News! Glow-Fish Now in Stock!