Marta's Pet Shop – Toronto Pet Store – Pets – Birds
Toronto pet store offering many bird varieties including finches, canaries, doves, budgies, cockatiels and lovebirds.
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Friendly, well-trained birds of all varieties

At Marta’s Pet Shop, we take pride in our selection of birds

Birds we stock include finches, such as zebra, java and green singing, canaries and white ringneck doves. In the parrot family, we always carry baby and adult budgies, cockatiels and lovebirds.

Our pet birds are often handfed from babies and these make the best pets as they are quite friendly and well-trained. We’ll have a handfed baby on your finger before you leave our store! That’s a promise.

A large selection of bird products and supplies

We also have an extensive selection of cages and supplies to suit all your bird needs, including food, vitamins, toys, feeding bottles and more.