Marta's Pet Shop – Toronto Pet Store – Pets – Tropical Fish
Toronto pet store offering many fish varieties including cichlids, barbs, tetras, catfish, sharks, and live plants.
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A wide selection of fish & aquarium accessories

A large selection of freshwater tropical fish

At Marta’s Pet Shop, we pride ourselves in the selection of our freshwater tropical fish. In an effort to ensure the highest quality and choice, we go to the wholesalers ourselves whenever possible to choose the fish we sell in our store. We literally scoop them out of their holding tanks ourselves one-by-one.

Assorted fish in every tank so you can mix-and-match

Marta’s features 45 tanks throughout our store, and we often stock our tanks with an assortment of different fish in each tank. This helps guide our customers to see the possibilities of how to mix-and-match their own aquariums at home.

Our well-trained staff can help answer any questions you may have about aquarium set-ups from little bowls for your kid’s first fish to more elaborate 100-gallon show tanks.

We feature the following kinds of fish

African Cichlids: Yellow Labs, Venustus & Kenyi
South American Cichlids: Angels, Severums, Convicts, Jack Dempseys, Oscars, etc.
Tetras: Neons & Black
Barbs: Tiger, Albino Tiger & Tinfoil
Catfish: Corydoras & Plecos
Sharks: Red Tail, Ruby or Rainbow, ID, Tricolor Bala Sharks, Colombian & Emperor
Other Unusual Fish May Be Available, Including: Glo-Fish, Aquatic Snails, Dwarf Frogs, Black Ghosts,
Rope Fish, Electric Blue Lobsters, Ghost Shrimp & Piranhas
Guppies, Swords, Mollies & Platies
Goldfish: Comets, Orandas, Fantails, Ryukins, Pond Fish & Select Koi
An Extensive Assortment of Bettas & A Variety of Live Aquatic Plants

A wide selection of fish and aquarium products and supplies

Marta’s Pet Shop carries aquariums, filters, gravel, heaters, lighting equipment, air pumps, aerating equipment, plants, decorations, stones, fish foods, medications, water treatment chemicals and parts for various products.

Plus much, much more! Every accessory you can think of, we have in stock. And if we don’t have it, we can order it! Just ask!