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Toronto pet store offering many reptile varieties including anoles, iguanas, chameleons, turtles, bearded dragons, skinks, frogs, salamanders, and snakes.
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Reptiles – wonderful no-fuss pets

Reptiles have made great inroads into the North American society as very desirable pets and for good reason. They are easy to take care of, require minimal care, are quiet and a source of conversation. They are generally easy-to-handle, and they don’t require a lot of space. They also don’t have any fur or feathers to vacuum!

As with most other animals reptiles are more available during certain seasons of the year. Depending on what you’re looking for we can special order for you. Reptiles such as turtlesanoles, iguanas, chameleons, turtles, bearded dragons and skinks. 

Marta’s also custom orders a wide selection of snakes, including ball pythons, California kings, corn snakes and boas. If you’re looking for something unusual, call us and ask and we’ll help you find it.

Supplies for All Your Reptile Needs

We also carry cages, tanks, screen tops, heat lamps, heating pads, dried food, climbing gear, driftwood, substrates such as bark, coconut husks, sand and repti-sand, thermometers and live food.