Marta's Pet Shop – Toronto Pet Store – Pets – Small Exotic Animals
Toronto pet store offering many small exotic animal varieties including mice, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, and ferrets.
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An assortment of small & exotic animals

Marta’s Pet Shop carries an assortment of small animals such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, winter white dwarf hamsters, syrian hamsters, and other varieties of hamsters as they become available.

But that’s not the extent of our collection. We offer exotic pets such as hedgehogs, ferrets and other small animals such as gerbils, skinny pigs, etc by special order.

We carry small animal products and supplies

We carry a wide variety of cages including regular wire cages and more elaborate plastic cages with trail pipes. We carry brands such as Habitrail, Ovo, Vision, Critter Nation, Ware, Prevue Hendryx, and other various types. We also stock all types of food, alfalfa, nibbles, toys, water bottles, and vitamins.