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Special gift baskets!

Consider sending a gift basket from Marta’s Pet Shop

Instead of sending flowers or a thank-you card, consider sending a gift basket from Marta’s Pet Shop.

Ordering: Choose the type of gift basket, and the dollar value, supply the recipient’s name and address (within Toronto), and of course write your own personal message! The Marta’s Pet Shop team will arrange for professional delivery.

Gift baskets can be sent for any occasion! Some examples include:

Sending a “thank-you” message
Cheering up a friend
Acknowledging a business exchange
Awarding a prize
As a birthday or anniversary gift
Recognizing hard work
Or just to say “I am thinking of you”

Marta’s Pet Shop has a beautiful selection of gift baskets available for delivery to people you know that need a gift. Choose from:

The Cat-Lovers Gift Basket
Toys and supplies for cat owners
The Dog-Lovers Gift Basket
Toys and supplies for dog owners
The Bird-Lovers Gift Basket
Toys and supplies for bird owners
The Betta Fish Starter Kit
Everything you need to own a betta fish! Includes fishbowl, gravel, fish food, water-treatment, care instructions and a fish